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Hello, we are loofy.com. We design and build professional, responsive websites, as well as nifty web applications.

Based in Tameside, we specialise in creating and developing web sites and web applications for SME's to larger Blue Chip companies. With over 16 years of web design experience we can offer a solution to fit any of your requirements. We have friendly staff and a down to earth approach, which means you won't need to learn binary to speak to us.

We use modern, clean coding practices, so your web site is readable by most devices, we pride ourselves in clean semantic code and fresh clean design.

Got an idea? Need a website? Or just looking for some advice?

Our advice is FREE!

We Design

With decades of design experience you can be confident we will provide the perfect design idea for your business.

And we wont give up until you love it!

We Build

Boy can we code. We've been coding for years and we love it. We use modern coding practices for web design like MVC and MVVM, if you don't know what this means it doesn't matter, but just know...it's pretty good.

We Host

We use state of the art, robust servers provided by Fasthosts. Using single-tenant servers giving high levels of performance at all time, perfect for web applications


Get in touch with us, you never know you might like us.

So we know what to call you, please feel free to make something up or use a nickname. So we can get back to you via email, we could try and guess your email address, but it'll take ages. We won't sell it, give it to anyone else or write it on a toilet wall. A succinct one liner, war and peace or even a sonnet, fill your boots.

Some local areas we cover...